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Piece Love Soul

In the Wild, Jerilyn Guerrero (1000 pieces)

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- Difficulty level: Moderate

- 1000 pieces, matte finish, eco-friendly

- Full-color poster, reusable linen bag

- Puzzle dimensions: 27 X 19 inches

- Box dimensions: 8.27 x 8.27 x 2.3

- Every artist gets a percentage of the sales

About the Art

Inspired by the work of Algerian artist Baya Mahieddine, "In the Wild" amplifies a world of free, vibrant women. Jerilyn creates art that reflects a way that she and others are able to see themselves celebrated with more vibrancy and self-sovereignty. Her work uses bold and vibrant colors that invite us to find inspiration in our everyday lives and to grow through our own joy.

About the Artist

Jerilyn Guerrero is a CHamoru/Filipino illustrator and designer, born on the island of Guam and based in Los Angeles, CA. Her images celebrate self-sovereignty and self-care.

Instagram: @jerilynguerrero